DIVINE Grey Diamond Bracelet

DIVINE Grey Diamond Bracelet



  • Diamond is a gemstone of high frequency energy. It brings love, clarity and strengthens relationships. Diamond activates the Crown and Etheric Chakras

  • Genuine raw diamonds interspersed with fine 999 silver beads

  • Grey diamonds - like tiny pieces of stardust they glitter and sparkle

  • Lunar cleansed and Reiki blessed Moonstone adornment


  • Part of the Contemporary Elegance

  • Combination of 925 sterling silver and 999 fine silver

  • Adjustable fit from 5.25”, 5.75”, 6.25”

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This bracelet features our signature moonstone pendant which is hailed for promoting mental calmness. 

If you require a different size or a personalised blessing, simply let us know at checkout. 

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Every order will arrive in a beautiful Ocean Jasper box which you can use to store your unique pieces.

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