Caring For Your Jewellery



We’ve put together some information about how to keep your beautiful OJ pieces looking and feeling their best.


Caring For and Wearing Your Jewellery

  • To protect your jewellery, remove when you shower, bathe, exercise or swim.

  • Avoid direct contact with perfume, creams, cleaning products and other liquids.

  • Store your jewellery in either the gift box supplied or a soft pouch/lined box.


Cleaning Precious Metals

  • If you need to remove a build up of dirt use a polishing cloth to gently rub your jewellery

  • All of our jewellery is 925 (or higher) sterling silver, therefore a silver cleaner can be used.

  • Avoid using tissue paper or other abrasive materials as they can cause scratching.


Cleaning Natural Gemstones

  • Due to the delicate nature of natural gemstones avoid using water, cleaning liquids and other chemicals even if they labelled for jewellery cleaning.

  • Tissue paper can cause scratching, instead use a clean, soft, damp cloth after wearing.

  • Over time, negative energy can surround objects. If you notice that your adnorment feels less charged, particularly if you are experiencing a tough emotional time. Clearing and charging the affixed gemstones will restore their original clarity and power. To do this we recommend that you place your jewellery on a window ledge during a full moon, this is known as lunar cleansing. The next day, hold the item in your palm and transfer thoughts about what you need the gemstone to provide.