Astral Stones: Capricorn and Aquarius

Astral stones, sometimes referred to as zodiac birthstones, are gemstones that correspond to the constellations under which we were born. They serve as a link between the earth and the stars; complementing their respective astrological sign with unique energies. More astrologically accurate than traditional ‘birthstones’, philosophers believe that astral stones bring intense benefits, such as harmony and fortune to their wearers.

Since it’s January this blog post will be discussing the ideal gemstones for Capricorn and Aquarius born. If you’re looking for a more inclusive list, see our astral stone page.


December 22-January 19

Capricorn-born people have a tendency to work extremely hard; driven by their desire for success. Capricorns seek to do good and will try be the dependable figure for those in need. These traits can mean that Capricorns are often exhausted from working and yet will take on other people’s troubles, thus depleting their energies.

Labradorite, therefore, is an excellent stone for a Capricorn to keep close. Labradorite is a strong healing stone, not only does it de-stress and reduce anxiety but it calms over-active minds and brings clarity. It is perfect for busy work schedules - which a Capricorn is likely to have!

Aside from Capricorn’s astral stone recommendation, a revitalising gemstone could be valuable to this person. The calming energies from a Labradorite, coupled with an Amethyst for problem solving or Topaz for fresh ideas makes a powerful combination.


January 20-February 18

The Aquarius-born are intelligent, free-spirited and independent. Aquarians know that they’re allusive and so tend to keep inter-personal relationships light to avoid conflict when they disappear for a while. These traits can leave them feeling lonely at times and unable to see other people’s perspectives.

Aquarian’s astral stone of Amethyst can really help them to understand different points of view, whilst Rose Quartz helps the Aquarian open their heart chakra so that they may more readily receive and give deep connections and love.


O c e a n Jasper

Ocean Jasper