Being near an open water source such as the ocean induces a natural state of calm and contentment; we look to capture a slice of this paradise within our bespoke jewellery. Ocean Jasper was founded on the belief that, alike the ocean, gemstones are also able to calm and ground us through their energies.

All gemstones featured within our products are natural and individually handpicked, ensuring consistent quality. Each finished product is smudged with white sage, to clear contaminate energies, and then Reiki intention blessed.


People-friendly Practices

We are committed to working exclusively with ethically sourced materials. All gemstones and precious metals used in our jewellery have been mined under fair trade principles.


Earth-friendly Practices

We never mass-produce products; instead every special piece is handmade to order thus reducing waste. You’ll also receive an e-receipt to help cut down on tree usage.

Giving Back

Ocean Jasper supports marine life conservation charities.


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