Whether embarking on a new career, preparing for marriage or even bringing new life into the world there is a gemstone ready to share energies and enhance that journey





Labradorite is one of the strongest healing gemstones; it shares de-stressing and anti-anxiety energies with the wearer. The gemstone calms over-active minds and brings clarity of thoughts. It is the perfect adornment for sufferers of insomnia, depression, anxiety or those with a challenging work-life who struggle to ‘switch off’. 


Larimar is connected to the element of water, which is the element that rules our emotions. Therefore, Larimar is widely regarded as an excellent ‘worry stone’. Not only does it assist in overcoming fears, the stone is also sometimes kept close during pregnancy to reduce stress making it an excellent baby shower gift!




Rose Quartz is a stone of universal love. It helps to open the heart chakra and attract love of every kind - familial, friendship, romantic and self-love. It is the ideal gift for someone who may of had an emotionally challenging year because it works to remove negative build-ups in the heart chakra allowing the wearer to experience, accept and give love once again. However, Rose Quartz jewellery also makes a lovely gift for someone who you love very much! It is a stone of love, after all. 




Amethyst is a powerful tool for problem solving in situations where emotions might be running high. The stone not only allows the wearer to see different points of view but calms and cools emotions. This state of mental clarity will provide access to practical solutions, whether in the home or workplace.


A stone of revitalisation, Topaz inspires fresh creativity and enhances the wearers ability to learn and understand complex concepts. The gemstone also works to improve self-confidence. Topaz jewellery is the perfect gift for someone who has recently been promoted, started a new job or is undergoing examinations.